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Name:Dree Brooks-Donovan

Name: Adora Elizabeth "Audree" Springer CainBrooks-Donovan (also known as bythewhiteelm... a long, long time ago)
Age: so past older than you isn't even funny...
Status: Married (elari_brooks) and Widowed. Twice.
Children: Max, Massey [He hates when I say that...], TJ and Leora, James, Charlie / three deceased
Occupation: Queen of the Outer Zone <-- It's a really long story...

[for a more detailed kinda bio, please see this post.]

Adora lives in an AU 'verse, which is a mixture of Kenna Cain's 'verse and the Tin Man!Adora'verse, with a hefty ol' helping of gatechic's Garrett Cain-'verse and the characters from Remember WENN via bizarra. Faith Hill belongs to herself. The original characters of Tin Man and Remember WENN belong to their various creators and actors. The Wizard of Oz,, belongs to L.Frank Baum. Layout credit: thefulcrum, with thanks.
~erinm_4600 [side note for various communities: both Dree and I are WAY over 18.]

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adora cain, celcia, chapel barnes, dg, eastern guild, family, gray gale, hilary booth, jeb cain, jeff singer, kenna cain, laethriel, lapu, leora brooks-cain, libraries, massey, max-brooks donovan, mystic man, other side, outer zone, ozma, pineapple, protection detail, raw, scott sherwood, strawberries, tin men, tj brooks-donovan, travis cain, trey donovan, whiskey, wyatt cain
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